Research and development

International Activities Committee

International Standardization Activities in the Intelligent Transport System (ITS) Field

  1. Participation in the ITS Technical Committee
  2. WG9
    Sponsoring the secretariat of WG9 (Subcommittee on Integrated Transport Information, Management and Control)
  3. WG10
    Sponsoring the secretariat of WG10 (Traveller Information Systems Subcommittee)
  4. International standards (IS) and technical specifications (TS) that the UTMS Society of Japan contributed to the establishment
    1. ISO 22951
      Preemption and prioritization signal systems for emergency and public transport vehicles (PRESTO)
    2. ISO 14827-2
      Data interfaces between centres for transport information and control systems – Part2: DATEX-ASN application
    3. TS 19082
      Definition of data elements and data frames between roadside units and signal controllers for cooperative signal control
    4. ISO 14823
      Intelligent transport systems – Graphic data dictionary
    5. TS 19091:2019
      Using V2I and I2V communications for applications related to signalized intersections
  5. Participation in International Standardization Activities other than the ITS field
    1. ISO/IEJ JTC1 SC17/WG10 (Motor Vehicle Driver License and Related Documents)
      Mobile Driver’s License Standard Approved and Published(Oct,5,2021)
    2. CIE (International Commission on Illumination)
  6. Information and technical know-how exchanges with overseas experts and standardization organizations
  7. Holding seminars and meetings
    1. UTMS Seminar
    2. Holding Special Interest Sessions at ITS World Congress and other activities
  8. Presenting results of research conducted by UTMS Japan
    1. Research paper presentations at ITS World Congress, seminars, academic conferences, and other meetings
    2. Exhibitions at ITS World Congress and other activities