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International Activities Committee

Support for International Standardization Activities in the Intelligent Transport System (ITS) Field

  • Participation in the ITS Standard Committee
  • Sponsoring various sub-committees of the ITS Standard Committee
    • WG4 :Automatic Vehicle and Equipment Identification
    • WG9 :Integrated Transport Information, Management and Control
    • WG10 :Traveller Information Systems
    • WG15 :Dedicated Short Range Communications for TICS Applications
  • Results of UTMS research employed as ISO tasks
    • Centrally Determined Route Guidance (CDRG)
    • Data Dictionary and Message Sets for Preemption and Prioritization Signal System for Emergency and Public Transport Vehicles (PRESTO)
  • Others

    ISO/IEJ JTC1 SC17/WG10 (Motor Vehicle Driver License and Related Documents)
    ISO/TC173 (Acoustic Signal Device for Sight-impaired Persons)
    CIE (International Commission on Illumination)

  • Information and technical know-how exchanges with overseas experts and standardization organizations
  • Holding seminars and meetings
    • International UTMS Seminar
    • US-Japan Expert Meeting
  • Presenting results of research conducted by UTMS Japan
    • Research paper presentations at ITS World Congress, seminars, academic conferences, and other meetings
    • Exhibitions at ITS World Congress