Introduction to UTMS Society of Japan


Date of Eastablishment
April 1,2012
UTMS Society of Japan
Airman’s Building Ichigaya,7th Floor,2-6 IchigayaTamachi Shinjuku-ku,tokyo 162-0843 Japan MAP


UTMS Society of Japan aims to promote intelligent road traffic systems through examination, research and development of Universal Traffic Management Systems (UTMS) which utilize advanced information and communication technologies and develop businesses that use UTMS by promoting international and domestic standardization efforts for UTMS, in order to ensure road traffic safety and smooth traffic flow and create harmony between road traffic and environment, and thereby contribute to enhancing public welfare.


In order to achieve our objectives, UTMS Society of Japan is involved in the following activities in both Japan and abroad.

  1. Examination, research and development concerning UTMS and the dissemination of these results
  2. Promotion of international and domestic standardization efforts for UTMS
  3. Ownership and management of intellectual property rights related to UTMS
  4. Communication and information exchange with institutions and organizations involved with UTMS both at Home and abroad
  5. Others