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CIE Activities

  • Activities in Japan for CIE

UTMS Society of Japan is a member of JCIE (Japanese National Committee of CIE), a CIE(Commission Internationale de l'?clairage) member, and at the Division 4 meeting of the domestic committee (Lighting and Signalling for Transport) it is participating in the drafting of international standards for road traffic signal lights.

  • CIE standards for road traffic signal lights

In June 1997, following a result of our consideration for the draft standards "CIE DS 006.3/E (Road Traffic Light 200 mm Roundel Signal Photometric Properties)", the society submitted its opinion to JCIE that it agreed to the draft standards, except for the requirements concerning Sun Phantoms.

Note: A "Sun Phantom" is a condition in which reflected sunbeam makes a traffic signal light appear to be illuminated.