International Activities

Participation in the ITS Standard Committee

ISO/TC204 Activities

The International Standard Organization Subcommittee in UTMS Japan were established in 1993, the same year ISO/TC204 started its activities, and they are involved in the ISO/TC204 activities.

ISO/TC204 activities are considerably active in our country. Seven organizations share the sponsorships of ISO/TC204 WG1 to WG19. UTMS Japan, as one of those organizations, sponsors two WGs and undertakes a SWG. In addition, UTMS Japan sends leaders and experts to the WGs and its members to almost all the other WGs.

The followings are the brief of its activities.

1. Activities of WGs undertaken by UTMS Japan

  1. WG9 Integrated Transport Information Management and Control
  2. WG10 Traveller Information Systems

2. UTMS Japan sends members to the following WGs

  1. WG8 Public Transport/Emergency
  2. WG14 Vehicle/roadway warning and control systems
  3. WG19 Mobility integration