Research and development

Introduction of published papers

ITS world congress Suzhou 2023

ITS world congress Los Angeles 2022

ITS world congress SINGAPORE 2019

  1. Cooperative Traffic Signal Control with V2X Data
  2. Examination of Enhancement of Bus Priority Control in Next Generation Urban Transport Systems

ITS world congress COPENHAGEN 2018

  1. Model verification of smartphone-based support system for mobility-impaired
  2. Advanced Traffic Signal Prediction Systems

ITS world congress MONTREAL 2017

  1. Field Experiments for Cooperative Signal Control Systems

ITS world congress MELBOURNE 2016

  1. A Study of Adjacent Cooperative Signal Recognition Enhancement System
  2. Effect Evaluation of Cooperative ITS Services

ITS world congress BORDEAUX 2015

  1. The pedestrian control using vehicle arrival prediction information for each recall type
  2. Effectiveness evaluation of Traffic Signal Prediction Systems