UTMS(Universal Traffic Management Systems) realize a safe, comfortable, and environmentally
friendly traffic society through the application of
constantly evolving technology
such as information communication technologies.


Apr 10, 2024
We have updated a membership list.
Nov 27, 2023
We have published the paper that we submitted to ITS World Congress 2023.
Apr 1, 2022
We have updated a membership list.
Jan 30, 2022
We have redesigned our website.

UTMS Society of Japan conducts surveys, research, and development of Universal Traffic Management Systems (UTMS) that utilize information and communication technology and promotes the standardization of UTMS in Japan and overseas.

About UTMS Society of Japan

UTMS are being implemented and utilized in areas all over Japan.

Prefectures implementing UTMS

ITS roadside radio units transmit and receive data using radio communication over the dedicated ITS frequency band of 760 MHz.

ITS roadside radio units

We are conducting advanced research and development with an eye on latest developments in automated driving and other technologies. We also contribute to international standardization activities in the field of ITS and cooperate with overseas experts in activities such as various exchanges, seminars and paper presentations.

Research and development, contribution to international standardization, and others

Consist of eight subsystems centering around ITCS, Integrated Traffic Control Systems

UTMS Functions and services

Infrared beacons are the key infrastructure for implementing Universal Traffic Management Systems (UTMS).

Infrared beacons

Traffic control systems realize optimal traffic management by controlling traffic signals and providing traffic information through all kinds of media based on the analysis and simulation results of traffic information collected by different types of detectors on the road.

Traffic control systems